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The end is here. 

The sun has exploded and earth will be annihilated. However, humanity, for once, came prepared. Humans have spent the last centuries remodeling planet earth into the ultimate spaceship to escape sun's deadly blast. 

Your mission is to fly spaceship USS Earth to safety and defend it against any obstacles standing in its way.


Trailer Video:

Required Controller: Microsoft Xbox 360

Left Stick: Rotate the Earth

Right Stick: Rotate the Weapons

Left Bumper: Toggle between Thruster and Shield

Right Bumper: Toggle between Weapon and Tractorbeam

DPad Up, Down: Zoom

Left Trigger: Throttle or activate Shield

Right Trigger: Shoot Weapon or activate Tractorbeam

A,B,X,Y: Upgrade your Systems

Start: Pause Game

V1.1 - After Jam Version (Minor Changes):

- Added controlls to start screen

- Addes more informations about 3rd party sound to credits

V1.2 - After Jam Version (Minor Changes):

- Start Screens scales now correct for different resolutions

Developed by:

Andreas Dahm (Gameplay, Programming), Roland Fahlbusch (Gameplay, Programming),  Sarah Kienzler (Design), Levantin (Design), Sarah Jaber (Story) 

PublisherElberion, Sarah Key, Levantin, Lobo


Arkonauts_BeansJam6_v1.zip 45 MB
Arkonauts_BeansJam_v1.1_AfterJam.zip 45 MB
Arkonauts_BeansJam_v1.2_AfterJam.zip 45 MB

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